Rediscover Phuket on a Yacht

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Embark on a yacht in Phuket Thailand 

Chartering a yacht in Phuket now that we are open for International travel …

by Tiger Marine Charter

Thinking of traveling to Thailand but aren’t sure how to start planning? Planning a getaway to Thailand is easier than you think. First, imagine yourself lying on a hammock set in between palm trees with a coconut in hand. The sun is blazing and the water is crystal clear. Sounds too good to be true? Well, between its many beautiful beaches, delicious local food, and the warm friendly people, Thailand has a lot to offer.

Phuket is the premier place in Thailand to witness these natural phenomena, which is why it annually tops travel lists for international travelers. Not to mention this is the best way to experience the natural beauty of the surrounding islands of Phuket when you charter a private boat or yacht. Phi Phi Islands, Phang Nga bay (James Bond Island), Krabi and of course the Similans being the most famous destinations to visit on a boat or private yacht. (Vessels can only be chartered in the Phuket province at the moment, until further notice from 


Finding the right boat or yacht for you on your vacation while Rediscovering Phuket

There is no better way to explore Phuket’s stunning coastline than by hiring or chartering your own vessel.  Either going on a day-trip or overnight trip, finding the right yacht charter agent and operator can get a bit tricky with so many options available. And now, in light of Covid there are additional concerns such as social distancing, wearing face masks, washing hands, and checking our temperatures – will the boat or yacht that you charter be clean and sanitized? Will all the crew on the vessel be vaccinated? 

M/V Champagne by La Moet Phuket

Welcome aboard SHA+ awarded vessels in Phuket

Procedures all SHA+ vessel operators and crew need to follow when you charter a vessel:

  • Check employees’ and service recipients’ temperature every time and record those who pass the screening.
  • Provide a reserve hygienic mask for passengers in case they have symptoms of coughing or sneezing.
  • Provide alcohol gel for washing hands in all types of vehicles, especially at the vehicle’s entrance and exit.
  • Limit the number of passengers to keep them at least 1 meter apart or offer alternate seating arrangements.
  • Clean the vehicles each time after service, especially in areas of frequent contact such as handrails in buses, handles around the door, seats, and armrests.
  • Other amenities such as blankets, pillowcases and headrest covers must be changed after every round of service and washed with disinfectant.
  • Implement an adequate air ventilation system in the vehicles and frequently clean the air ventilation system.
  • Frequently clean the passenger compartment and restroom with disinfectant.
  • Have proper waste management for trash, waste, used tissue paper and used hygienic masks.
  • Spray disinfectant or sterilize with ozone at least once a week.
  • Any food and beverage service must comply with sanitation-control and disease-spreading prevention measures.
  • Clean the pier and boat boarding point with disinfectant every time before and after service, including handrails, ticket booths, waiting areas, and restrooms.
  • Use technology to provide information regarding tourist attractions instead of printed media.
  • An advance ticket reservation system should be operated.
  • Implement a safe payment method to reduce conversation and bodily contact between the service providers and service recipients.
  • Communicate, give knowledge and suggestions through various channels to reduce the risk and prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Service distance must not exceed 300 kilometers.
  • Register passengers/service recipients
Hakuna Matata the 52 foot coastal cruiser by Charter Dock A Thailand

Phuket’s Yacht Marinas

There is no better way to discover Phuket’s stunning coastline than by hiring or chartering your own vessel berthed at one of the following Yacht Marinas in Phuket.

1. Yacht Haven Marina

Yacht Haven Marina is located on Phuket’s North East Coast and is situated within a stone’s throw of Phang Nga Bay (famous for its limestone islands). One of Yacht Haven Marina’s biggest selling points is that it’s one of only two marinas in Phuket with deep water access. The marina also offers berths in a variety of sizes, fuel delivery, wireless internet, phone lines, electricity and water and laundry services. The marina also has a large selection of boats which can be privately hired or chartered.

2. Phuket Boat Lagoon

Phuket Boat Lagoon is an 180 berth, circular marina located adjacent to the Royal Phuket Marina and is within walking distance of a variety of shops, restaurants and accommodation. If you’re looking to hire or charter a small or medium sized vessel, you’ll be spoiled for choice as the marina offers a variety of vessels suited for cruising, fishing, exploring or hosting parties.

Phuket Boatlagoon Marina

3. Royal Phuket Marina

The Royal Phuket Marina offers 81 berths and can accommodate ships between 10 to 35 meters. If you’re looking to charter a smaller vessel the Royal Phuket Marina can organize hire or charter. As well as boasting 24-hour security, the Royal Phuket Marina also offers a fuel dock which is stocked with Diesel, outboard oil and Petrol 91. Each of the Royal Phuket Marina’s 81 berths are supplied with metered electricity, clean water and free wireless internet access. The Marina itself has an underground car park, separate shower facilities, a gym and an on site restaurant.

4. Ao Po Grand Marina

The Ao Po Grand Marina is located at the entrance to Phang Nga Bay and is a popular choice for those who own or are looking to charter super yachts, as it’s one of the few marinas in Thailand which can accommodate ships that are over 80 meters in length. Another advantage is that it can be accessed 24 hours a day and isn’t subject to tide restrictions, unlike some of the other marinas in Thailand.

When it comes to choosing a marina to charter or rent boats, travelers to Phuket are spoiled for choice, with not just one but four world class marinas to select from. No matter which marina you choose you’ll be well catered to.

5. Chalong Pier

Find Chalong Pier in the southern part of Phuket Island across a small bay from the Phuket Aquarium. See nearby highlights, such as the Phuket Orchid Farm and Phuket Shooting range. Leave your car in the harbour’s large parking lot. 

The Chalong Pier is among the main attractions in the Chalong coastal area. The modern jetty lies on the location of a former rickety wooden structure, which was replaced in 2001. Take a boat out on the water in this busy area full of yacht and sailing clubs.

Stroll out over the long pier and enjoy the views of the Andaman Sea and Ko Lon island. The jetty is 2,360 feet (720 metres) long and 23 feet (7 metres) wide. Capture photos of the picturesque bay at sunset, when the dimming light shimmers on the water. Explore the harbour with your family and imagine yourself making a luxury voyage around the world on your favourite vessel.

Let’s Embark

With our Rediscover Phuket Destination campaign, practicing all SHA+ protocols…
Feel free to travel again to your favorite islands with your mind at ease.  Hoping that you and your families remain healthy, we look forward to welcoming you again soon

yacht in Phuket
rediscoverphuket on Siam Princess the 70 foot vessel

Let’s #rediscoverphuket and travel to Thailand again… Charter brokers and owners in Phuket and Krabi with endless experience within the industry.

La Moet Phuket – On our tour without the MV Champagne boat we cruise at a relaxed pace comfortable for all ages where we have the time to appreciate the surroundings, we can find quiet places and just relax. Snorkeling & swimming is one of the daily activities as well as eating and sunbathing. MV Champagne and our crew look forward in welcoming all our guests back soon. Following all protocols regarding covid, the safety of our guests our boat and our crew is number one.

Lotta Hannson

M/ +66 87 897 1761

Krabi Eco Cruises – At this moment there is no Island traffic allowed until the Parks Authority Thailand lifts the ban and traffic between Phuket and Krabi becomes reliable and operational again. Only cruises to nowhere are an option where you enjoy the charm of  Cruising. To protect future tourism and the livelihood of our children maritime activities have to become carbon neutral or min 45% carbon reduced. Both our boats in Krabi Eco Cruises are achieving this already. Yachting requires innovation i.e. intelligent and affordable Electro and Solar propulsion. The yachting and tourism industry leaders have to engage urgently.


Wolfgang Grimm – Owner

M/ +66 (0)80 052 9674

Charter Dock A –  Building experiences to remember for a lifetime in Phuket

How everyone’s world has changed since we first heard the rumors about a similar  epidemic like SARS in Hong Kong. 

Who would have thought a year and a half  later the whole world will be wearing face masks, going for vaccine shots and staying at home. Continents came to a standstill.  

… protocols have been put in place and we are all optimistic ready to rediscover. Now is the time, the time to be adaptable, keeping sustainability and the future of traveling in mind. Welcoming everyone back here in Phuket Thailand from the 1st of July 2021. “Charter Dock A” was founded in the beginning of 2020 with endless experience in Phuket. We ensure that all our operators follow all SHA+ protocols for the safety of our guests.

Let’s all rediscover, stay safe, and informed…

Francois Laing – Owner, Charter Director 

M/WA +66-96.270.9080

Hakuna Matata by Charter Dock A Thailand

Northrop and Johnson – How the industry has changed indeed!

Guests booking a holiday on one of our luxury yachts in Thailand have mostly been visitors from overseas, many from the US and Europe. They generally booked a minimum of 5 days on board, to be able to leisurely enjoy the whole boating experience. A one-week or longer charters were no exception. Since Covid we’ve had inquiries, but much less than usual of course, and requests are for much shorter charters, often just for a day or for an overnight trip. Although we’re happy to cater to all charter requests, I think luxury yachting as a complete holiday, is not yet part of the Thai lifestyle. A luxury yacht has all the amenities of a boutique luxury resort, including a Captain and crew, private chef, many water toys and activities, all at guests’ finger tips!   I do hope we will be able to welcome more guests from the domestic market in future, as yachting is a safe, secure and a wonderful experience, with a touch of adventure!

Lies Sol – Charter Broker

M/WA +66 81 539 6106

MAXXX by Northrop and Johnson

Tiger Marine Charter – SHA + certified company , it is therefore our belief and our duty to ensure Safety first for our customers who book to cruise with us. All our staff are fully vaccinated and follow the rules and guidelines issued by Thailand’s authorities . Our boats are fully sanitized prior to each departure , all equipment such as snorkeling gear fully sanitized . We pride on making our customers feel safe when in our care. As to the future with the Sandbox scheme and the hoped for opening of the whole country in October , we believe that whilst our authorities have a major task at hand that it will happen. I believe on June the 25th the actual rules and conditions will be gazetted and the rest will follow from there . Call it a ” soft opening ” but any opening is a good start

Richard Hayes –  Owner

M/WA +66 89 866 4401

Leopard 43 by Tiger Marine Charter

Simpson Yacht Charter (SYC) – Since Covid started we’ve noticed a massive shift in the ways companies are having to operate. From the SYC side we have noticed that our department in Hong Kong has gone from strength to strength due to the financial muscle of locals. In Thailand we’ve always heavily relied upon international markets for charters so this has meant a total shift in our target market. The travel sector has been disastrously affected due to it’s one track focus at times whereas now some domestic markets in the world are developing really well and with less tourists travelling the eco-systems are now re-growing. In Thailand we now have leatherback turtles laying eggs on certain beaches for the first time in ten years, dolphins have been sighted more regularly than ever before and coral systems have rejuvenated from the lack of divers. The simple things customers are looking for are flexibility for cancellation and deposit taken, this is what we have heavily been focusing on from lower deposits to final payments have been later than normal. Companies need to be more diverse than ever in how they capture business from marketing strategies, SEO strategies and SEM Marketing. We believe at SYC that the Charter side will bounce back internationally and will likely become bigger and stronger than ever before by 2022/2023.  

Nick Longstaff – Charter Sales Manager – Thailand

M/ +66 (0) 933270447

Ace International Marines on Chowa

Ace International Marines – from my experience during Covid19 pandemic, the economy has changed. We need to be concerned about the  new norm of the yacht tourism industry in terms of; private trips, small group size of passengers, customized service and particularly hygiene orientation. Staff need to acknowledge up-to-date information that causes covid19, and last minute cancellation will occur more frequently. We have to prepare a back up plan for last minute bookings, professional staff, and certified hygiene services. People will need shorter routing and need self-learning experience during the trip. Easy payment gateways with non-fee and operation 24hrs will need to be comfortable. And definitely charter price will be more affordable even for luxury segmentation. 

Ace International Marines is launching a new yacht experience undername “Aim Charters-Tailor Made Service, and we have received good feedback from returning guests more than 3 times. This is good feedback for our company.

Woranit Putrakul(Umi) – Director, Ace International Marines Co.,Ltd.

What’s app | mobile:+66 87 382 0354

Fax: +66 87 382 0354

Looking forward welcoming you all back in Phuket, Thailand by #redidcoverthailand by Skål

WhatsApp conversation - Phuket Yacht Cruise

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