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Frequently Asked Questions luxury Private Charter.

Frequently Asked Questions Private Yacht Charter Dock A

Our experience and specialist knowledge enable us to anticipate and cater for the particular needs of your individual party.
Charter Dock A offers a Luxurious Experience on board from our well-maintained luxurious fleet to its quality yacht crew & professional guest relations staff.
We hope to welcome you aboard a Private Yacht Charter with Dock A

Frequently Asked Questions Private Yacht Charter Dock A

Why charter a yacht with us ?

A private yacht charter is a truly unique experience, and one that is reserved for a fortunate few. Experience the heights of luxury, immaculate service, serene surroundings and memories to treasure with a bespoke yacht charter. Every detail is tailored to your tastes, making every yacht charter truly special and unique.  Yachts put the extra degree in yachting, endeavoring to provide the perfect yacht charter experience to make your time on the water one to treasure.

Management will meet you at the Yacht marina on arrival.
You will be introduced to your crew for the day trip or overnight.
The Safety of all our vessels, Guests and Crew is our number one priority.
We follow 5* standards of service.
We offer homemade delicious local flavored Cuisine cooked by our chefs
especially for you, served with love.

We support local products, you will have the chance to taste our amazing well-hidden Recipes.

We love what we do creating the very best Experiences on all our Private yacht charters…

We Begin Where the Road Ends…

How do I select the best charter yacht to suit my needs?

One of our Charter Managers will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect yacht to charter, which meets your requirements. He  will ask a series of questions to get a clear sense of your desires, tastes and plans, and will then carefully select a range of yachts best matching to your requirements. Each proposal is a selection of yachts that we believe may be suitable. Your careful consideration and honest feedback are much appreciated, as this allows us to find the perfect yacht to suit your needs.

Do you have any pictures of your privately-owned vessels?

Please contact us at anytime regarding any extra photos of any of the private yacht vessels you may be interested in.

Where can I charter a yacht with Charter Dock A?

We offer bespoke yacht charters around the Thailand. Please contact us directly regarding any other Private Charters around the World

Do I need to bring my passport on my yacht charter?

Every passenger on-board a yacht must supply full passport details for insurance, legal and security reasons.
There is no need to bring your Passport. Leave it in the safe at your accommodation.

Is VAT included in the price of a yacht charter?

VAT is included in the yacht charter fee depending on the vessel you charter. There are no hidden costs.

Are Towels included onboard?

Towels will be onboard included in the Rate/Price depending on the private vessel that you charter

Can you offer itinerary suggestions?

Our expert team are always happy to advise and suggest carefully planned itineraries based on your desires and plans. However, once underway it is the yacht Captain that often knows the truly great spots to visit, and how weather and other factors may affect your experience.
Francois (Charter Director) will happily answer all questions at Charter Dock A.

A member of the guest party suffers from food allergies, will this be a problem?

Not at all! When you fill in your preference sheet booking form, you are welcomed to outline any allergies/intolerance’s. Food will be tailored to your desires and tastes by our chefs.

Can I select the food and beverages to be served on my yacht charter?

As a yacht charter consultant, we will do everything we can to ensure that all components of your yacht charter are tailor to your tastes and the crew are briefed well in advance of your arrival. Prior to departure, we will send you a menu for your consideration, giving you the chance to outline your preferences Thai etc.), meats, breads, fruits, coffee, wines, champagnes, soft drinks, magazines/newspapers and flowers. You can state a preference for the times meals are to be served, the way drinks are prepared and the type of ingredients to be used. Any special dietary requirements can also be outlined here. Once on-board the yacht, the chief host is ready to assist and arrange any other requests.

Frequently Asked Questions Private Yacht Charter Dock A

Will drinks be included?

All water, soft drinks, tea and coffee are free. You may bring your own alcoholic drinks at no extra charge. Depending on the vessel you charter. 

I want to explore, eat at a restaurant; can I disembark the yacht for a selected period of time?

Yes, you can disembark at a chosen islands to explore/eat/drink. Please communicate this with us, if you are aware of stops of interest prior to your yacht charter, or alternatively if you want to spontaneously explore a pretty Island, communicate your desires with your Captain who will do his/her best to accommodate.

Frequently Asked Questions Private Yacht Charter Dock A

Can you assist with restaurant recommendations and reservations?

There are many great resorts and restaurants on the islands we visit. Yacht crew often have a wealth of knowledge regarding the best places to dine and drink around the islands. Inform us of your selected dining spot and any special preferences that you may have (style of food, atmosphere etc.) and we will suggest a number of ideal options for you.

What is the role of crew on a yacht charter?

Yacht crew are carefully selected, highly skilled individuals who will join you on-board your luxury private  yacht charter to ensure that you have the time of your life. The number and organisation of crew varies from yacht to yacht, Your Captain will control the navigation of your vessel, and additional crew members will carry their tasks such as preparation of cuisine, serving of meals and drinks, cleaning, keeping all mechanical components in perfect running order, teaching water sport activities and many, many more. Crew members all have a broad array of skills and specialities and are there to add the finishing touches to your yacht charter experience. It is what our crew members do that are the defining factor of a successful yacht charter, with a good crew normally resulting in an unforgettable private yacht charter experience.
Our Crew will treat you with exceptional service. They are our most precious asset.

Frequently Asked Questions Private Yacht Charter Dock A

Where will the crew sleep on-board?

At least one crew member will be on watch at all times for the security of guests and the ship.
The crew have separate quarters ensuring the privacy of you and your guests at all times.

Why is there a limit of people allowed on CDA Private yachts, catamarans, and speedboats? (Charter Dock A)

Safety and comfort are paramount on CDA yachts.

CDA have a broad selection of yachts available for wedding parties or other functions of up to 100 passengers chartering multiple vessels. If your group amounts to more than 10 guests, do let us know and we will offer a selection of yachts that hold the rare license to cruise with larger groups.

I’m visiting a high-profile event in Phuket; can you assist in finding a yacht for my corporate event?

Absolutely and with pleasure. CDA has years of experience and association with in assisting events companies and private individuals.

Do you have experience working with events companies to organise yacht charters?

Charter Dock A has years of experience in working closely with events companies at high-profile events in Phuket, Bangkok locally and International events. Annually, we assist in organising Birthday Parties, Weddings, Corporate events and so forth…

Can I charter a yacht in Phuket for a Marina Event?

Yes, yachts can be chartered to host events at the Beautiful Phuket Marina. This is a popular practice during high-profile and corporate events. Yachts at the Dock can host much more guests than yachts at sea and are a great venue for impressing guests and hosting truly memorable events.

How far in advance before High Season should I confirm a yacht charter?

If you wish to charter a yacht for a week during a high-season event, it is best to confirm a yacht charter as early as possible. Most yachts are booked a year in advance but there are can be opportunities to book at shorter notice, so do not hesitate to contact us in last minute situations and we will do our best to find the perfect last-minute yacht charter.

How do I pay for a yacht charter?

Once you have selected your yacht charter, we will advise you as to your payment choices. ITT, PayPal, wise, etc

Can I get a discount on a yacht charter if I go directly to a yacht operator?

The price that we propose to you is normally the best price you will receive.

Multiple companies are offering me the same prices on yachts, why is this?

Prices are usually set as standard in advance of seasons. Discounts can sometimes be arranged, however in most cases, companies will offer yacht charters at the same public price.

Should I tip the crew on-board a private yacht charter?

If your captain and crew have been very helpful and professional during your yacht charter and you therefore would like to give a tip, then it is customary to pay 5% to 15% of the total charter amount. Present your crew gratuity tip to the captain, who will share it out to the crew for you.

How much will fuel cost?

Fuel costs depend on a number of factors, including engine size, engine consumption, the distance traveled and weather conditions.
Fuel is included on our vessels.
There will be an extra Fuel Surcharge depending, location further afield.

I would like to hire a Jet Ski with my yacht charter; can you assist?

At some locations there is the opportunity to rent jet skis. If you wish to hire then we accept absolutely no responsibility for damage or injury incurred.

Other questions?

If you have any questions regarding your next private yacht charter, then please do not hesitate to contact Charter Dock A as we will be delighted to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently asked questtions Private Yacht Charter Dock A -chartering private yachts, catamarans, and boat.
Contact us at anytime if any other questions

Frequently Asked Questions Private Yacht Charter Dock A


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