Pets on a Yacht Charter!

Pets dogs and cats on a yacht charter

Tips on how usually things go while you sail with pets

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Pets on a Yacht Charter!, so you need to treat them like your companions while aboard. We will tell you here how to sail with pets easly. First of all, while deciding in which country you will go sailing, you need to check what is procedure for importing pets. For Croatia, your pet needs to have microchips which needs to be inscribed in valid EU passport for pets (or certificate) issued due to valid EU laws. You need to assure that your pet is microchipped, vaccinated for rabies and that the pet has a valid passport for pets or certificate in which all of these terms are noted and vet verified. While already sailing in Thailand, you do not have to worry cause in most restaurants and coffee shops pets are welcome.

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When you prepare everything, and you are already in the country that you will be sailing with your pet, you should read a few advices about how to sail with pets as your companions. While chartering a yacht you should note to your agent that you will bring your pet with, cause this kind of service is usually extra paid. Also, you should tell your agent on time that you need to book a Safety net, which would be necessary while sailing with pets, to be safe aboard.

Here are some tips on how usually things go while you sail with pets. Pets can also get seasick as we do, they can throw up, so you should provide them water and necessary medicines. As for dogs in general, they would feel much comfortable aboard unlike cats. The dog will learn to do his business on board even if it takes a few days. So, you do not have to worry. The only thing you should be careful about is that dog will bring a lot of dirt on board, so you should pay attention on him before entering a boat, cause cushions and other materials inside and outside could be smudgy or even destroyed. You should stock food for him and bring his two bowls on board, for food and water. Have some games for your dog, so he doesn’t get bored. Even if you think you want be able to go for a long walks with your dog, it is true that this kind of activity will be partly disabled while sailing, but if your dog is a good swimmer, you can play with him when you anchor somewhere, jump in the water and swim or play with the ball. In Croatia perhaps, avoid beaches that have plenty of people, cause usually these beaches do not allow dogs to come. Anchor in a hidden cow and you can enjoy and play with your dog the whole day. For any addition information about traveling with pets, there is a very useful site Pet Travel.

Unlike dogs, cats are not so adaptable to sailing life. Most of them are afraid of water and some people who tried to sail with their cats said they will never do it again. Most of the time the cat was in the trash can and it is not fun to wake up with trash all over the cockpit. Cats get seasick more often than dogs and as a part of their play, the cat will destroy cushions, so you will probably have to pay for them after charter ends. So, think about it twice if you decide to bring your cat with. Pets on a Yacht Charter!

Unlike dogs, cats are not so adaptable to sailing life.

Pets on a Yacht Charter!

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