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Welcome to the extraordinary ANANA Ecological Resort Krabi   – Holidays in Krabi Thailand

Holidays in Krabi Thailand

Taking nature bound holidays at ANANA you soon discover that less is more and slower Thai time motion will get you further. The opportunity to balance body and mind  through the resort’s mindful healthy and active lifestyle with yoga and wellness courses both in the farm and on the roof top and the Nature beach provide a welcome escape from everyday life.

Amidst panoramic green surroundings at the foot of the famous Ao Nang Cliffs blend with the ‘sound’ of silence and caring personalised service gives hope that it is not too late to protect our environment and your health. Relaxing by the 25m infinity Volcanic stone pool with silk like water, enjoying a sunset drink in the evening breeze on the Skygarden lounge, or visiting the private Andamana nature beach located just 5 minutes via our complimentary shuttle. All contribute to holidays without the crowds.   

Holidays in Krabi Thailand

ANANA, opened in December 2018 by hotelier Wolfgang Grimm, achieved Green Globe certification by creating a nearly perfect one-time-use plastic-free score, while setting standards in integrated waste management neighbourhood recycling practices and farm composting. Biodegradable straws, recycled paper products, and complimentary glass bottled water in all rooms to name a few initiatives. The in-room guest amenities are organic with zero one time-use plastic and presented without packaging in permanent containers. The hotel’s Eco Angels team is closely monitoring energy consumption, carbon emission, water consumption, and purchasing practices towards continuous improvement and sustainability leadership.  

The resort’s environment impact footprint is only 400 of 10,000 SQM dedicating the majority of the land to gardens and edible landscapes like the on-site organic farm demonstrating living with and not from nature. Guests are invited to tour the farm discovering the fresh taste of salad, fruit and vegetables. School children and the elderly community have been invited to learn the importance of hands-on ecology. The Farm-to-Table concept provides organic produce for selected dishes in the three restaurants one of which is actually Vegan. You can even join the chefs daily harvest and compose your own salad or take it to the resorts cooking school sharing some of the secrets of delicious Thai dishes.   Anana Performance Standards

Holidays in Krabi Thailand

Holidays in Krabi Thailand
Holidays in Krabi Thailand

Training Ongoing periodic training of all staff in their role of environmental, sociocultural, health and safety practices.
Guest Satisfaction Constantly measured with immediate action achieving No.1 position in TripAdvisor and high scores in Google and OTAs.

Sustainable construction Vertical green façade protecting the western sun impact and blending into the natural landscaping at the pool . All farm buildings are constructed of hand made Adobe natural bricks. The pool features Volcanic Stone tiles.

Experiential Tourism Our own Krabi eco cruises with zero waste and carbon neutral Island cruising in the Andaman Sea. Krabi eco river cruises by the first solar electric long tail boat contributing to maintaining the river‘s natural environment and potentially saving the marine heritage from extinction when the present loud converted truck engines and resultant pollution will be banned.

Salt Crystal Room & SpaThe Himalaya Salt Crystal Room is part of the Asana Spa with Panorama Sauna and Steam.

Community Supporting all CSR activities of Skål International Krabi covering education, sporting events and charity for surviving Tsunami  children.

Employment Equal opportunity employer of mostly local Thai staff all involved in self-sufficiency environmental efforts.

Fair Trade The majority of suppliers are local adhering to our fair trade purchasing and non plastic rules. Most produce is organic and our Doi Chang coffee is 100% organic and 100% fair trade.

Neighbourhood Anana does not adversely effect its neighbours. We live in harmony with nature and neighbours.

Cultural Heritage The Hotels excursions follow the guidelines of appropriate conduct when visiting culturally sensitive sites. We always avoid the crowds and champion untouched nature.

Environmental We favour environmentally friendly products. Disposing of consumable goods is measured and managed.

Energy consumption All energy and water consumption are measured by source to continuously decrease carbon and environmental impact without impairing guest comfort.

F&B Organic food, many Vegan and Vegetarian options. The Menu is carefully crafted is to avoid food waste. Kitchen waste goes to compost.

Pollution All hotel cars are either electric or carbon neutral – compensated with a Seagrass Plantation Project in association with Oceans for All.  

Waste Managment A state of the art waste water system yielding zero negative environment performance is installed and local government certified.

Reuse and recycle We have a community contract with daily management of waste resulting in limited waste and landfill.

Pollutants Harmful substances are locked up safely and their use monitored. We generate very low noise pollution.

Biodiversity We are fully committed to establishing our organic art farm to achieving the return of indigenous wildlife species, birds and butterflies. We support a local bee community by supplying them with more efficient hives and ordering local mangrove honey.

Landscaping We believe in edible landscapes and dedicated 1 rai (1600 sqm) land for a farm next to resort instead of building a second hotel. Anana is a Green Nature Destination with no pollution, fresh mountain water and air. 

Holidays in Krabi Thailand

The Pavilions Anana Krabi SHA Plus Certified
The Pavilions Anana Krabi SHA Plus Certified
The Pavilions Anana Krabi SHA Plus Certified

ANANA Ecological Resort Krabi Wolfgang Grimm, Ecopreneur Owner +66 (0)7568 0580    —
Wolfgang Grimm is a professional ecopreneur with more than 50 years experience in hospitality and a distinguished 25 year career with InterContinental Hotels in Europe, Asia and Australia and a former Chairman of the Australian Hotels Association. 
In 2017 he took the quantum leap to develop his very own hotel investing millions of his own money to develop a stunning world class eco resort in beautiful Krabi in Southern Thailand. Opening the resort just prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus has been a challenge. Having survived, Wolfgang looks to the future with optimism and hope and his desire to do this sustainably has never been stronger. 
As leader of all Skål Clubs in Thailand, in his rôle as National President, it is Wolfgang’s passion to share his best practices far and wide, not only with fellow Skalleagues, but also like-minded tourism executives.  
I am most happy to recommend the Anana Ecological Resort Krabi for the judges kind consideration. 
Andrew J Wood Vice President Southeast AsiaSkål International Asia 
The below paper was written, distributed and published by WOLFGANG GRIMM and the resort team to share the passion and the philosophy that drives the Anana Ecological Resort Krabi

Anana Ecological Resort Krabi in Thailand

Skål International Thailand President talks on the future of tourism

KRABI, THAILAND: Wolfgang Grimm President of Skål International Thailand and owner of the Anana Ecological Resort in Krabi is passionate about the environment and how we as humans interact with mother nature.   He shares his thoughts below as he contemplates the future in a post Covid-19 world and invites dialogue to consider ways achieving a more sustainable future of tourism.    Tourism has come to a global stand still for the first time since WW2 presenting an opportunity to evaluate the resulting lessons and consequences. It’s important to take time to consider a reset to our industry, instead of returning to the old ways, Wolfgang believes. 
He also encourages all of us to be more community minded. “We need to convert the environmental outcry of our children and the present crisis to engage in mobilising the local community with small, easily achievable sustainable activities to common benefit,” he said.   Tourism is both a blessing and potentially a curse at the same time. Overtourism has to be seriously curtailed,” he added. He also feels that the majority of marketing and selling of tourism products are monopolised by mega companies who are guiding, and in some way dictating, how tourism products are distributed. He believes that the present algorithms potentially undermine individual distribution, stating that many are driven on discounts. This practice of non-strategic discounting is damaging to all businesses, he said, “Consumers are being corrupted through constant discount marketing and sales strategies, endangering present and future quality and sustainable tourism initiatives.” He is grateful to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to encourage and promote Thailand’s desire to contribute to effective sustainable tourism projects and actions.   Wolfgang feels we are blessed with eco-advice and certification agencies who are making a welcome contribution to sustainable tourism operators. We read daily about great eco-initiatives by small and large hospitality market leaders, however he feels that the majority of operators are left wondering how they can engage locally with a small budget and an unskilled eco-workforce. They feel sustainability efforts are a cost with only long term benefits and international eco-certification as being too scientific and laborious to implement, he explained. He proposes to motivate them to become part of shaping our tourism future. Understandably many investors are afraid of change but might feel encouraged by examples of success. For instance how Scandinavia reduced their carbon impact considerably by granting electric mobility incentives.   Wolfgang Grimm believes education is key to a more equitable future. “Trade education with its present curriculum is not keeping pace with the extraordinary growth and changed requirements of our industry,” he said. He is supportive of jointly funded public/private education initiatives which concentrate on motivation and craft and language skills to ease the prevailing lack of a global talent pipeline. He believes the world is full of young talent without financial resources to gain higher quality leadership education. Many of the present graduates from affluent family backgrounds might not choose to work in our industry in the long term.
Effective communication is key as we move forward. Making new post Covid-19  objectives focussed, easy to understand and easy to  follow.
He supports the idea of urban community farming that provides an environmental solution to converting unproductive land and roof space into edible landscapes. The property owners provide space; the government provides soil and seeds, and local tourism owners and tourism associations provide and manage the workforce.   He concludes: “We are the world and its future is in our hands.“

Holidays in Krabi Thailand

Mr Wolfgang Grimm – Holidays in Krabi Thailand

  Wolfgang Grimm  is a 3rd generation son of a German hoteliers family with 50 years experience in hospitality and a distinguished 25 year career with InterContinental Hotels in Europe, Asia and Australia. A former chairman of the Australian Hotels Association and Tourism NSW and a member of the successful 2000 Sydney Olympic Bid committee. He is a fellow of Southern Cross University, Lismore. Wolfgang is a proud citizen of Australia and recipient of the AM Order of Australia. In 1989 he opened his own Green Globe certified ANANA Ecological Resort with integrated organic farm in Ao Nang Krabi, passionately contributing to Sustainable Tourism in Thailand. Wolfgang is President of Skål International Thailand and SI Krabi. 

The Pavilions Anana Krabi SHA Plus Certified
The Pavilions Anana Krabi SHA Plus Certified
The Pavilions Anana Krabi SHA Plus Certified
The Pavilions Anana Krabi SHA Plus Certified
The Pavilions Anana Krabi SHA Plus Certified
The Pavilions Anana Krabi SHA Plus Certified
The Pavilions Anana Krabi SHA Plus Certified
The Pavilions Anana Krabi SHA Plus Certified
The Pavilions Anana Krabi SHA Plus Certified
The Pavilions Anana Krabi SHA Plus Certified


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