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A Tropical Paradise for Yachts and Boating Enthusiasts

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Phuket, Thailand, renowned for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant culture, has long been a favorite destination for travelers seeking the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Within this tropical paradise lies the Phuket Boat Lagoon Marina, a hidden gem that beckons yacht owners and boating enthusiasts from around the world. With its impeccable facilities, breathtaking surroundings, and a rich array of activities, Phuket Boat Lagoon Marina is the ultimate destination for those seeking a nautical haven.

Location and Accessibility

Nestled on the eastern coast of Phuket, Phuket Boat Lagoon Marina boasts an ideal location that offers easy access to both the Andaman Sea and the renowned Phang Nga Bay. This strategic position makes it a hub for sailors and yacht owners, providing a gateway to explore some of the world’s most picturesque cruising grounds.

The marina is easily accessible from Phuket International Airport, just a short drive away. Whether arriving by air or sea, getting to the marina is a breeze, making it an attractive option for travelers and yacht owners alike.

Phuket Boatlagoon Marina Koh Keaw Phuket Thailand

World-Class Facilities

Phuket Boat Lagoon Marina stands out for its world-class facilities that cater to all aspects of yacht ownership and the boating lifestyle. The marina offers over 180 wet berths for vessels up to 35 meters in length, ensuring ample space for yachts of various sizes. Additionally, there are 100 dry-stack berths, providing secure storage for boats, ease of access, and protection from the elements.

The marina boasts state-of-the-art maintenance and repair facilities, including a boatyard with a 50-ton travel lift and skilled technicians capable of handling a wide range of repairs and refits. It’s a place where yacht owners can entrust their vessels for top-notch service and care.

Luxurious Amenities

Beyond its practical facilities, Phuket Boat Lagoon Marina pampers its guests with luxurious amenities. The marina is home to a selection of restaurants, bars, and cafes, offering a variety of cuisines and atmospheres. Whether you crave Thai delicacies, international dishes, or simply a refreshing cocktail by the water’s edge, the marina has something to satisfy every palate.

For those seeking relaxation, the marina’s spa and wellness center provides a range of treatments and therapies, allowing visitors to rejuvenate their bodies and minds. The marina also features a swimming pool and fitness center, ensuring guests have ample opportunities to stay active and refreshed during their stay.

Entertainment and Recreation

Phuket Boat Lagoon Marina is more than just a place to dock your yacht; it’s a vibrant hub of activity. The marina hosts regular events and entertainment, from live music nights to themed parties, creating a lively and inclusive atmosphere for all who visit.

Water sports enthusiasts will find endless opportunities for adventure, including snorkeling, diving, and fishing. The marina’s location makes it an ideal starting point for exploring the stunning nearby islands, caves, and secluded beaches.

Community and Hospitality

One of the marina’s greatest assets is its sense of community. The staff at Phuket Boat Lagoon Marina go above and beyond to ensure that guests and yacht owners feel welcomed and appreciated. They provide concierge services, assistance with yacht provisioning, and are always ready to assist with any needs that arise.

The marina’s sense of hospitality extends beyond its staff to the boating community itself. It’s a place where like-minded individuals come together to share stories, experiences, and a passion for the sea. Many lifelong friendships have been forged at Phuket Boat Lagoon Marina, making it a cherished destination for those who return year after year.

Environmental Stewardship

Phuket Boat Lagoon Marina is committed to environmental sustainability and responsible boating practices. The marina has implemented eco-friendly initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and protect the surrounding natural beauty. This includes waste management programs, water conservation efforts, and responsible anchoring practices.

Visitors to the marina are encouraged to join in these efforts by participating in beach cleanups and educational programs, fostering a sense of responsibility for the environment among all who pass through its waters.


In summary, Phuket Boat Lagoon Marina stands as a true gem in the heart of Phuket’s boating community. With its prime location, world-class facilities, luxurious amenities, vibrant atmosphere, and commitment to environmental stewardship, it offers an unparalleled experience for yacht owners and boating enthusiasts.

Whether you’re seeking a tropical paradise to dock your yacht, an adventure-filled getaway, or a place to forge lasting connections with fellow sea lovers, Phuket Boat Lagoon Marina delivers on all fronts. It’s a slice of nautical heaven that invites you to set sail and immerse yourself in the beauty and splendor of Thailand’s Andaman coast.

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