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Gerhard Francois Laing


The Seafaring Journey of Gerhard Francois Laing

In the realm of luxury yacht charters, one name stands out above the rest – Gerhard Francois Laing, the visionary owner behind Charter Dock A. A seasoned traveler and connoisseur of the high seas, Francois Laing has not only carved a niche for himself but has also redefined the yacht charter industry with his passion for excellence and unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled experiences.

maya bay Phi Phi Island
Famous Maya Bay Phuket Krabi Thailand

A Global Odyssey in Hospitality:

Francois Laing’s journey into the world of hospitality and tourism commenced in 2004 when he delved into Hotel Management by City and Guild International. His quest for knowledge and cultural exploration led him to traverse the globe, living in and absorbing the unique vibes of England, Florida, United States, Thailand, Abu Dhabi – UAE, Makati – Philippines, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, Hanoi – Vietnam. His travelogue reads like a vivid canvas, painting experiences in Scotland, Jamaica, Nassau, Cayman Islands, Qatar, Turkey, Singapore, and beyond.

Rossinavi 157 Aslec 4 Argentario Italy Superyacht
Aslec Superyacht Italy – Rossinavi 157 Aslec 4 Italian Superyacht

A Seafarer’s Heart:

Nurtured close to the ocean in Heidelberg and Witsand, South Africa, Francois developed an early love for boats. This passion would later become the cornerstone of his entrepreneurial spirit as he embarked on a mission to share the joys of yachting with the world.

canoe kayaking phuket phang nga bay
Sightseeing the amazing landscape of Phang Nga Bay, Khao Ta Pu scenery which is the world-famous tourist attraction from the James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun

The Birth of Charter Dock A:

As the world grappled with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, Francois seized the opportunity to create something extraordinary. Joining forces with boat owners, he ventured into managing vessels for the chartering market across the globe – from the exotic shores of Boatlagoon Marina at Dock A Phuket, Thailand where Charter Dock A at Dock A originated, to the picturesque landscapes of Italy, the sun-kissed coastlines of Costa Rica, and the vibrant waters of Florida, USA.

Old Town Phuket
Old Town Phuket

A Decade in Thailand – A Local’s Insight:

Having called Thailand home for over a decade, Francois intimately knows the nuances of the region and its people. Whether you seek information on day trips, overnight stays, hotel accommodations, or the best restaurants and activities in Phuket, his expertise is at your disposal. Francois Laing is more than a charter owner; he’s your local guide to an unforgettable seafaring experience.

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Shangani The Big 70ft overnight Catamaran Charter vessel in Phuket

Charter Dock A: Unveiling Luxury Beyond Boundaries:

Charter Dock A isn’t just a name; it’s a promise of indulgence and extraordinary voyages. Specializing in curated experiences such as birthday parties, pre- and post-wedding celebrations, engagements, corporate events, stag and hen parties, romantic couple getaways, and solo adventures – particularly in the high season from November to April – Charter Dock A sets the stage for memories that transcend the ordinary.

Best Yacht Charter - Rent a Boat Phuket Bed cabin overnight
King Cabins on our large Private Shangani 70 Catamaran

Beach Parties and Overnight Adventures:

Immerse yourself in the magic of beach parties for large groups or opt for the allure of overnight yacht charters. Charter Dock A under Francois Laing’s stewardship ensures that every detail of your journey is meticulously crafted to perfection, promising an unforgettable escapade on the high seas.

Embark on a voyage with Gerhard Francois Laing and Charter Dock A, where luxury meets the horizon, and every wave carries the promise of a lifetime experience. Your journey awaits – set sail with the best in the business.


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Whatever your inquiry may be, Francois will assist you in working with other large yachts which can accompany us for very large groups of over a 100 guests cruising tandem.

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