Astondoa 102 GLX Charter Superyacht

The Similan & Surin Islands, Thailand, Itinerary

Astondoa superyacht
Astondoa 102 Superyacht Phuket

Private Luxury Superyacht Charter on the Super Yacht Astondoa
The most favorite superyacht of all time in Phuket
THE SUPER YACHT Astondoa offers a very spacious, luxurious saloon and dining area, with a huge galley on
the main deck. Below decks she boasts 4 beautiful cabins; a sumptuous Master Suite, VIP cabin a twin
and a Pullman. She is finished with a stunning and timeless wood finish and offers excellent furnishings
throughout. She has been maintained by a full-time crew under the watchful eye of a very experienced
Captain & Manager and is available in immaculate condition.

Astondoa 102 GLX Charter Superyacht
Astondoa 102 – Superyacht

Arrival airport: Phuket International Airport (HKT)
Hotel/Departure airport: Phuket International Airport (HKT)/Hotel
Embarkation Point: Tap Lamu Pier, Khao Lak at 10:00am
Disembarkation Point: Tap Lamu Pier, Khao Lak at 10:00am

Kindly check your cruise confirmation for the correct (dis-) embarkation point. Shared transfers
between Phuket Airport, Phuket hotels or Khao Lak hotels and the vessel on embarkation and
disembarkation day are included in the cruise price.
Phuket airport is about a 1-1½ hour drive from the embarkation/disembarkation points. Please allow at least 2 – 3 hours for international flight check-in and 1½ – 2 hours for domestic flights.
Safety and briefings are conducted in English. If you, or any of your group, do not speak or understand English, please let us know.

Welcome aboard Super Yacht Astondoa here in Phuket Thailand.

The following is an example of the day-to-day schedule. 7 days / 6 nights

The Private Super Yacht For Your Eyes Only will embark from the Thap Lamu Pier in Phang Nga Province around 1.5 hrs from the Phuket Airport. Transfer from the Airport or our hotel in Phuket can be organized on additional charge.

Day 1 – Six Nights Seven Days Overnight Superyacht

Meeting point is the pier in Thap Lamu (before Khao Lak). Check into your cabin and have some tea or coffee. The boat will embark at 10.00 am followed by safety briefings from your guide while cruising to the Similan Islands.
Cruising time about 3 hours to Koh Miang (Island No 4 at the Similan Island). Lunch will be served on
the way to Similan.
The Similan Island are commonly rated as one of the top 10 dive destinations in the world. The islands
lie about 100 km Northwest of Phuket and were declared a National Park in 1982.

The Similans are comprised of 9 granite islands which run roughly North to South and numerous small rock outcroppings, with white beaches and tropical jungle above the water and spectacular dive / snorkeling sites in warm, clear waters below the surface. The Similan Islands varies from gently sloping coral reefs to deep rocky gorges and dizzying landscapes. In general, the East coast sites are hard coral reef, with some soft corals and a huge variety and abundance of marine life. The West coast sites of the Similan Islands are slightly more challenging due to their depths and variable currents and not very suitable for snorkeling. The unique mixture of islands makes the cruise a beautiful and fascinating voyage of discovery that always ends too soon.
Our first snorkeling stop will be Snorkeling session at Stonehenge around Koh Miang Island.

Koh Miang or Island 4 hosts the national park headquarters for the Similan Islands and is a perfect place to moor up on the super-soft sands. After your first dip into the Andaman Sea and your first
day on the boat enjoy your dinner onboard. The boat will overnight around
Koh Miang.

Koh Miang is the second largest island among Similan Archipelago. On it is located the Headquarters of National Park. 

Day 2 – Astondoa 102 Superyacht Phuket

After a fresh made breakfast on board you will get free time on the beach. You can swim or do some snorkeling from the beach around the this amazing bay. Or go for some trekking in the national park forest.
Return to the boat for Lunch while cruising to Koh Similan.
This island is famous for its Donald Duck Bay. Named as some of the boulder are look like Donald Duck. Take a little hike to the top of the boulders and enjoy the amazing view over the
Dinner will be served onboard while the yacht will stay overnight at the bay.

Donald Duck Bay is a very popular bay in the Similans and you will often find Liveaboards moored in this bay. It is also one of the most famous points of the islands due to it’s famous duck’s head shaped rock that is on show.

Day 3 – Six Nights Seven Days Overnight Superyacht

Today we will visit after your breakfast on board some snorkeling sides around Koh Similan.
Koh Similan is the center of tourism and travel to the largest island of Similan. The beach is fine with white sand and there are many types of coral under water. The island can be scuba diving and snorkeling. The north side of the island is a large rock-like boot. Next to the sailboat, the symbol of the Similan Islands. Koh Paad is one of the most popular beach destinations. Snorkeling, Nature Trail and scenic spots. The beaches of Koh Paad have 2 beaches, the prominent beach in the west and the beach on the east.
Both beaches are connected by hiking trails of about 2.5 hours, which take about 1.30-2 hours of nature trail.
Lunch and Dinner will be served on board. The Yacht will stay at the bay overnight.


Day 4 – Astondoa 102 Superyacht Phuket

After breakfast on board we will make our way slowly further north to the Surin Islands. A Stop for
some more snorkeling will be possible at Koh Bon.
Koh Bon is a 65-million-year-old island formed by sedimented limestone. Koh Bon belongs to the Similan National Park (as does Koh Tachai) and is very popular among divers. The fish diversity is likely to be unique in Thailand. The first snorkel spot we explore at Koh Bon is called ‘Koh Bon
Ridge’ or ‘Manta Point’.
Snorkeling stops are usually for an hour at a time, we find that this is enough to explore a site and
gives us plenty of time to travel between the snorkel sites. Koh Bon is famous for being a hot
spot for Mantas, so if it’s the right time of the year you might just get to encounter one!
Even without Mantas, Koh Bon has its own unique and special charm and we are proud that we are the only snorkel tour operator which offers Koh Bon as an integral part of the tour program.
After a short break we will jump for the second time into the water and snorkel inside the bay at Koh Bon and on the backside of the island. While you are in the water exploring, our crew will do their magic on board and prepare a well needed lunch for when you get back on the boat.
After Lunch we will continue to the Surin Island. The archipelago of the Surin Islands is a mecca for
snorkeling fans and offers a variety of snorkel spots – colorful corals in shallow water, countless fish and pristine beaches.

Lunch and Dinner will be served on board and stay over night in the Bay at Koh Bon
Happy New Year welcoming 2023

(Please inform us in advance regarding any
special requirements and parties as we will
be delighted to assist.

  • Please do note that we will be in a national
    Park and fireworks on the vessel will not be
  • Plans going ashore may be arranged
    although it all depends on your preferences
    what you would like.
Astondoa superyacht

Day 5 – Six Nights Seven Days Overnight Superyacht

We will start the new year and after a fresh made breakfast with a visit to the Moken (Sea Gypsy)
community on Surin Island. See and learn how they live; besides this we also visit some unique snorkel spots here.

We will take a look around the village and see what island life is like for these sea faring folks. Of course, we are always respectful and do not intrude on their culture or beliefs – with this in mind, please dress appropriately when visiting.
Take the chance to purchase some unique souvenirs here, as the Moken make beautiful little trinkets and are grateful for the income.
After Lunch you will have the opportunity to explore some of the amazing snorkeling spots around Surin Island. At ‘Chong Kad Bay you will find a perfect underwater world with intact hard and soft corals and a variety of marine life that leaves no room for boredom.
Dinner on board the yacht will stay overnight at Surin Island

Astondoa 102 GLX Charter Superyacht
Astondoa 102 Superyacht Phuket

Day 6 – Astondoa 102 Superyacht Phuket

After a last jump into the sea around Surin, the yacht will slowly cruise. Our first stop for today will
be Koh Tachai.
Koh Tachai is one of the most beautiful islands in the Similan Marine National Park. Andaman
Snorkel Discovery is the only snorkel tour operator that stops at Koh Tachai. The southern tip of Koh
Tachai is called “Koh Tachai Pinnacle” and with a bit of luck we might be able to snorkel with a Manta
Ray, Whale Shark or hundreds of Barracuda.
You will be amazed at your first encounter with Koh Tachai, in all its stunning glory. We make the most of this beautiful destination while it is empty, snorkeling at sites abundant in underwater life with high chances of encountering whale sharks and manta rays.
Dinner and overnight at the bay at Koh Tachai.

Astondoa 102 GLX Charter Superyacht
For your Eyes onlyPhuket Thailand

Day 7 – Six Nights Seven Days Overnight Superyacht

After early breakfast and some enjoy time around Koh Tachai we will cruise south back to Tap Mu Pier
for Disembarkation after breakfast.

*We kindly request that guests check their flight departure times the departure of their flight. While we wish to show you the very best experience possible, the safety of all on board remains paramount. In the unlikely event we are unable to reach a specified dive site; we always do our best in offering diving at alternative locations.
Program / Schedule is not fixed and may change upon weather conditions, etc.

Astondoa 102 GLX Charter Superyacht
For your eyes only – Superyacht Phuket

Our All-Inclusive package is based on the following
Cruising Speed 10-12 kts / hour
Fuel for tenders and water sport activities is limited to reasonable use at the Captains discretion
Food and Non-Alcohol Drinks
4 meals & Snacks
National Park Fee for every guest
All Islands entry fee

Contact Charter Dock A at Anytime regarding your Six Nights Seven Days Overnight on Superyacht Astondoa For Your Eyes Only.

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