Super Yacht SILVERLINING 104 FT Phuket

Superyacht SILVERLINING 104 FT Vessel, Phuket

Silverlining 104 ft Mega Yacht 014
Silverlining the 104 foot Super Yacht by Charter Dock A.

Luxuriate in Exclusivity: The Private Luxury Sailing Superyacht Experience in Thailand

By Francois Laing at Charter Dock A

Embark on a journey that transcends ordinary vacations and ventures into the realm of unparalleled opulence and adventure. Welcome aboard the Super Yacht SILVERLINING 104 FT, a masterpiece crafted in the heart of Thailand that promises an unforgettable voyage across the world’s seas.

Super Yacht SILVERLINING 104 FT Phuket
Sparkman & Stephens 104 ft Mega Yacht

A Dream RealizedSuper Yacht SILVERLINING 104 FT Phuket

For Canadian owner Chris Lenz, the SILVERLINING represents the culmination of a lifelong dream. From being a titan in the food and beverage industry to embarking on this audacious venture, Chris’s journey mirrors the resilience and determination ingrained in the very fabric of the yacht itself.

Craftsmanship Beyond BordersSuper Yacht SILVERLINING 104 FT Phuket

Contrary to skeptics’ beliefs, SILVERLINING stands tall as a testament to the ingenuity and skill of Thailand’s yacht-building industry. Achieving the prestigious American Bureau of Shipping Maltese Cross certification, it not only defies expectations but sets a new standard for excellence.

Super Yacht SILVERLINING 104 FT Phuket
Sparkman & Stephens 104 ft Mega Yacht

Unveiling the JourneySuper Yacht SILVERLINING 104 FT Phuket

The voyage of SILVERLINING is not merely a passage across oceans; it’s a saga of perseverance, innovation, and discovery. From its inception in Satun to its majestic presence in Phuket, every step of the journey is imbued with determination and passion.

Unraveling the ItinerarySuper Yacht SILVERLINING 104 FT Phuket

Embark on an odyssey through the Mergui Archipelago, a hidden gem off the coast of Myanmar. Dive into the pristine waters, stroll along deserted beaches, and immerse yourself in the rich culture of the Moken community. Each day unfolds new wonders, from mangrove-fringed rivers to breathtaking waterfalls, promising an experience unlike any other.

Super Yacht SILVERLINING 104 FT Phuket
Sparkman & Stephens 104 ft Mega Yacht

Luxury RedefinedSuper Yacht SILVERLINING 104 FT Phuket

As you sail aboard SILVERLINING, luxury takes on a whole new meaning. Indulge in sumptuous cuisines prepared by our expert chef, unwind in lavish accommodations, and bask in the personalized service provided by our dedicated crew. Every moment aboard is designed to exceed your expectations and leave an indelible mark on your soul.

Your Invitation AwaitsSuper Yacht SILVERLINING 104 FT Phuket

Join us on a voyage of a lifetime aboard the Super Yacht SILVERLINING 104 FT. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or sheer indulgence, we promise an experience that transcends imagination and leaves you yearning for more.

Contact Charter Dock A today to embark on your journey to luxury and discovery. Your private oasis awaits amidst the azure waters of Thailand, beckoning you to sail away into a world of unparalleled splendor.

Super Yacht SILVERLINING 104 FT Phuket by Charter Dock A

Super Yacht SILVERLINING 104 FT Phuket
Sparkman & Stephens 104 ft Mega Yacht



The Mergui archipelago is a string of some 800 almost completely deserted tropical islands off the coast of Myanmar in the Andaman Sea. For almost 50 years following Burma’s independence, the Mergui Islands were off limits to the outside world, frozen in time due to the Burmese government’s isolationist policies. As an indirect result, the islands were handed back to the indigenous Moken, a people of Sea Gypsies who have lived a semi-nomadic sea dwelling lifestyle for centuries, surviving off the land and bartering fish and sea cucumbers. A remarkable combination of ethnicities in Myanmar results in a diverse and contrasting people. At Moken villages, visitors can observe the locals crafting dugout canoes with traditional techniques used for thousands of years, and taste specialties such as fresh cuttlefish. But sailing in Myanmar isn’t just about fascinating communities; the Mergui islands distinctive landscape is characterized by jungle-clad hills, lagoons, rivers and mangroves. Wildlife thrives, with monitor gibbons, civet cats, monitor lizards, pythons and mouse deer inhabiting the tropical forests alongside a plethora of birds including hornbills, white kits, kingfishers, emerald doves and sea eagles. This forgotten wilderness is sometimes dubbed “the lost world” and not without reason; it’s a veritable paradise, where cruising gives access to spectacular natural wonders, endemic wildlife and interesting culture alike.



Upon arrival, you will be met by a representative and transferred to the harbour to board your private yacht. After a safety briefing, you can relax on deck with a welcome drink as the yacht sets sail into the Mergui Archipelago, bound for Barwel Island, where we will anchor for the night in a peaceful cove – and make our first contact with the sea and the beaches of the Mergui.


Early this morning the yacht will cruise north to ‘115’ (named after its elevation above sea level) where you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling in a pristine environment and go ashore to stroll along the deserted beaches of fine white sand. In the afternoon, we will pay a visit to the Moken settlement on Bada. These ‘sea gypsies’ have had their traditional nomadic lifestyle restricted by the government but they remain a fascinating community with a unique knowledge of their environment and survival skills.

Visiting Islands islands in Myanmar chartering the super yacht Silverlining
by Charter Dock A Thailand


Sailing a few miles to the north, along the western coast of East Lampi, we will anchor near the mouth of a mangrove fringed river in perfectly calm waters, ideal for waterskiing, with a long stretch of white sands in the background. Some may enjoy watersports upriver and can be joined by others exploring in the tender on a high or rising tide. Later we will sail to Tar Yar and anchor there for the night.


A unique area in the Mergui comprising some 20 islands separated by shallow channels and fringed by mangroves, these islands are teeming with wildlife such as monitor lizards and giant fruit bats. It is well worth exploring here as visitors seldom disturb this region. Blue spotted rays and turtles swimming in a few feet of water can be seen from the surface, and at dusk, scores of Hornbills can be sighted flying back to the island.

Visiting Islands islands in Myanmar chartering the super yacht Silverlining
by Charter Dock A Thailand


After breakfast, the yacht will take a short cruise to Salet Galet, the narrow channel separating Lampi Island from Wa Ale Kyun. This whole area is outstandingly beautiful. Exploring up the river into the interior you will find yourself in an ancient rainforest full of sights and sounds. For trekking lovers a 3 to 4 hour jungle trek up the west peak of Lampi will bring you, under the guidance of a local guide, to a spectacular viewpoint overlooking the lagoon and the wooden huts of another Moken community.

Visiting Islands islands in Myanmar chartering the super yacht Silverlining
by Charter Dock A Thailand


Early this morning the yacht will cruise to Clara Island. You will immediately be thrilled by the natural beauty of Clara and her magnificent beaches. The water clarity is such you can see the bottom in more than 20m of water. On one of the beaches, a spectacular waterfall of cold mountain water tumbles right down to the sea. Clara is rated as one of the most beautiful islands in the south Mergui and well worth spending a day diving, snorkeling, exploring.

Visiting Islands islands in Myanmar chartering the super yacht Silverlining
by Charter Dock A Thailand


Today, the yacht will sail to Peaked Island (Nga Mann) for some great snorkelling just off the pure white sandy beach. Later, experienced divers will have the opportunity to explore Shark Cave so known for its resident nurse sharks; the highlight is a swim through at 18m depth. Non-diving guests may wish to remain on Nga Mann and explore the island renowned for its wild life. A very rare species, the Andaman pigeon, can occasionally be sighted on this island. This afternoon, the yacht will anchor off the southwestern beach.


Cavern Island, so called because of the cave accessible at water line, is a great place for all kinds of watersports – flat calm waters, snorkelling spots, caves to explore. High rock, 3 miles to the east, is a small islet with a single tree, remarkable for the sheer volume of fish that congregate there. With little current affecting the reef, this is a dive for all levels. Later in the afternoon, we will backtrack to the southeastern creek on Loughborough. Nice scenery, exploration by tender, primeval forest and a wild but peaceful anchorage.

Super Yacht SILVERLINING 104 FT Phuket
Super Yacht SILVERLINING 104 FT Phuket


The only island with a ‘resort’ (some low key timber chalets hidden among a coconut grove) MacLeod offers a deep and sheltered bay in the south with stunning scenery that can be fully appreciated from the top of the hill after a short trek. The bay offers good snorkeling and trekking through to other beaches, one known as ‘nautilus’ beach for the shells that can be found there. We will set sail in the afternoon, taking advantage of the breeze to proceed to the southernmost bay of Matthews Island (Za Det Gyi) and anchor there for the night.


The last dive of the cruise, but definitely not the least, the Western Rocky islands offer an overwhelming choice of wall diving, pinnacles and an impressive 30m passage through the island starting at 17m and ending at 24m. To describe the dive options would be the subject of a separate leaf. One cannot leave the Merguis without having explored Cock’s Comb, a hong (karstic cave the ceiling of which has collapsed) turned lagoon, accessible through a gap at low to 3⁄4 tide.


Today, the yacht will return to Kawthaung where the crew will assist you with disembarking and transferring to the airport for your flight home.

Please note that all itineraries are subject to change, depending on weather conditions, progressing harbor clearances, changes to domestic flights and other deciding factors. Please contact to discuss your requirements.
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