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Yacht Charter travel and tourism is one of the fastest growing Luxury tourism sectors around the world.

By Charter Dock A

Pershing 90 Jerico Private Yacht Miami by Charter Dock A

Yacht Charter, creating higher revenues, providing sustainable development opportunities and ensuring product differentiation, lends itself as a strategic option for tourism po rtfolio expansion
Phuket Island possess natural advantages that contribute to its competitiveness as a marine-based destination. These go beyond the country’s ideal archipelagic configuration, to
include a shallow coastal shelf, pristine beaches, year-round tropical cruising climate, and a diverse
land and underwater biodiversity/ecosystems ranging from coral reefs, limestone caves to sea grass beds.

A yacht charter operator is defined as an operator who provides live-aboard facilities to clients.

Technema 89 Charter Motor Yacht
Technema 89 Charter Motor Yacht by Charter Dock A


The industry is made up of charter companies that sell yachts to owners. These companies then manage the yachts on behalf of the owners and make them available for charter to paying clients. Marketing is done overseas and clients book and pay for their yachting holiday from overseas.
Local management companies, manage the fleet and handle the clients during their stay.
The yachting tourists reside on board the yachts for the duration of their stay in the country and
cruise from island to island. Specialized charters also cater for long range tourists and special interest
The yachts come with or without crew and hostess, depending on the clients’ wishes.

speed boat charter
BLUE Intrepid 407 – Private Speedboat Charter Dock A


Yacht Charters which are licensed as commercial / hire craft. Under the
Control of commercial, Hire craft/Commercial means “a boat let out for hire for fishing as a sport or for
pleasure purposes only and includes the hiring of any craft”.
“Yacht Tourism refers to a maritime leisure activity in which travelers use yachts for pleasure, and
a yacht is a vessel with built in accommodation used for leisure purposes allowing multidisciplinary.

private catamaran
Private 78 FT Party Catamaran by Charter Dock A

Yacht Charters

Recreational outlets such as fishing, sightseeing and leisure sailing. There are different types of
yachts varying both in use and size, viz. motor yachts, sailing yachts, mega yachts for example
A yacht charter therefore is a company with one (1) or more vessels with a temporary or permanent
license designed to accommodate clients equipped with all living facilities and essentials available
on-board to sail. The yacht must also have the capacity to be self-sufficient for at least seven (7)
days at sea.
A yacht charter includes bareboat charter, skippered charter or crewed charter.

Best Yacht Charter - Rent a Boat Phuket
70ft SHANGANI Catamaran Phuket


A bareboat charter is a yacht charter that comes without crew or a skipper, the client will only
get the yacht with all essentials to sail and nothing more. You will be allowed to choose a bareboat
charter if you are a licensed skipper. When chartering a yacht without skipper, you the client will be
obliged to have all the necessary certificates, permits and documents that prove they can sail on
their own.

CHOWA is a custom made motor yacht with maximized lounging area, focusing on luxury day charters for a larger group of around 30 guests.
CHOWA 74 foot Power Motor Yacht by Charter Dock A

Crewed Charter

Crewed charter is a charter where the client will get the support of a crew who will navigate,
sail and prepare beverages and meals throughout their stay on the yacht. The crew is responsible
for all aspects of the client’s trip, including acquiring the food and drinks for the duration of the

This Leopard 43 Power Catamaran – gorgeous – for day cruises she can take up to 15 passengers, (maybe a few more)
Shashani Leopard 43 Power Catamaran by Charter Dock A


A skippered charter is the chartering of a vessel that will only provide the client with a licensed
skipper who will steer and sail the boat. The client is responsible for everything else.”
This Policy is in line with the current laws and regulations of the Seychelles. Any amendments to
same shall apply prospectively.

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CHOWA 74 foot Power Motor Yacht
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